Baby Registry

When it was time for us to register for baby items, I scoured the Internet and baby magazines for a list to start with. Then I asked my good friend Amber to help me distinguish between “nice to have” and “must haves.” She was so helpful! Now people ask me the same question. So, here’s my list of must haves, with some extras that my husband and I think are awfully nice. After most items, I’ve included what we actually found as the best buy and ended up purchasing. I have provided links where appropriate. And of course, if it’s on here, we’re happy with it. If you’d rather do the research yourself, you can consult the book Baby Bargains as a resource on the best baby products in addition to Consumer Reports (CR reviews are embedded throughout the list.) Just beware that those resources don’t necessarily have natural parenting in mind. At any rate, here’s our list…

Baby Registry


  • Car Seat (infancy to about 6 mos.) – Graco Snugride
  • Stroller Frame (so you can keep your sleeping newborn in the car seat without taking him/her out) – Strollee Naked Stroller
  • Stroller – MacLaren Techno XT (good from birth on; fully reclines; expensive, but a great investment to last all kids)
  • Car Seat travel bag (if you plan on flying anywhere) – Eddie Bauer bag
  • Back seat mirror (so you can see your baby in your rear view mirror while he is rear facing)
  • Car window shades

Beds & Linens

  • 3 Fitted crib sheets (knit instead of woven)
  • 2 water-proof mattress pads/covers
  • 3-4 waffle-weave receiving blankets (waffle-weave work the best for swaddling)


  • Diapers (newborn & size 1)
  • Wipes (several boxes and refills)
  • Changing table & pad
  • 3 Changing pad covers
  • 4-5 Waterproof changing mats
  • Diaper Champ, if using disposable diapers
  • Diaper bag


  • 5 sleeper bags (0-9 months)
  • 3 footed zip up sleepers for during the day
  • 5 newborn onesies (preferably that button up the front for when blow outs occur)
  • 2 baby caps
  • 3 pairs of socks
  • 3 daytime 2 piece outfits
  • cotton sweater

Winter baby

  • Car seat bunting
  • Heavy stroller blanket
  • Warm knit hat


  • 3 nursing bras – Bravado lifestyle nursing bra (no underwire!! can cause clogged milk ducts)
  • 3 nursing bra tanks — JcPenney (I have tried 2 other brands. Penney’s are the most comfortable & easily accessible)
  • heavy washable breast pads
  • box breast pads (b/c sometimes you leak right through the washable ones) — Lansinoh
  • topical breast cream – Lansinoh
  • breast pump
  • 3, 4oz bottles
  • breastmilk storage bags
  • bottle brush
  • 12 burp cloths (cloth diapers)


  • 3-4 hooded towels (get heavy ones; Target multi-packs are too thin)
  • 5 baby washcloths
  • 2 body wash & shampoo – California Baby
  • baby nail clippers
  • baby nail file
  • diaper rash ointment – California Baby
  • infant bath tub
  • soft brush
  • dye/scent free laundry detergent


  • Nasal aspirator (if you give birth in hospital, though, they will give you one)
  • Digital thermometer
  • Gas drops

Other Items that are REALLY nice to have

  • Baby monitor – Fisher-Price Private Connection Dual monitor
  • Baby carrier – Ergo (ergonomic design which supports a correct sitting position; beware of Baby Bjorn)
  • 2 Pack-n-Play fitted sheets
  • Swing – Fisher-Price Power Plus
  • Vibrating Bouncy seat (some babies prefer swing over seat or vice versa)
  • Tummy mat/gym
  • Bumbo & bumbo tray (for about 4+ months old)


  1. At we can convert any brand name bra to a nursing bra. We use the Kwik Klip, which allows you to hold your baby with one hand and open the clip with the other. So if you’re happy with the bra that your currently wearing why change 🙂

  2. Lisa said

    A great reason to change is if you are currently wearing underwire bras. Underwires are linked to plugged milk ducts and mastitis. See Otherwise, Kwik Klips sound pretty cool.

  3. mejohn7779 said

    My wife recently purchased a bag of soapnuts to use for cleaning cloth diapers for our baby girl. They worked better than any other laundry detergent she had tried. She was so impressed that she bought them in bulk & opened up an e-store so that she have a home-based business and still raise our daughter. Her site is Check it out!

  4. Jenny said

    There has been alot of talk of plastics and the toxins that are found in them. I found out that these toxins are in baby bottles as well. There is a site ( that sells bottles that are free of these toxins. You can also purchase them at Babies R Us. ( I think only on-line though). You can add them to your registry. There is a spot on the site to do a search to find a retailer near you. I purchased the glass bottles and I really like them. I am breastfeeding and find that the nipple of this bottle is very soft and easy for my baby to use when I need to give her a bottle of breastmilk.

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