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FAQ: The Bradley Method®

What is The Bradley Method®?

The Bradley Method® teaches husband-coached natural childbirth.

Why should I consider The Bradley Method®?

The Bradley Method® method teaches the risk and benefits involved in each intervention and medicine. It is important that the mother knows the risks and takes responsibility to make decisions that will have lasting effects on her and her baby. Many mothers who receive epidurals sometimes develop long term backaches, have adverse drug reactions, or in some rare cases are paralyzed. In 2007, Maryland alone lost 3 women due to complications from cesarean section – one at 5days postpartum, one at 7 days postpartum, and one in her recovery room immediately after surgery. In most cases, natural childbirth is the safest way to have a baby. Our creator created our bodies to give birth.

How long do the classes last and what do they cover?

These classes typically last 12 weeks. A couple should try to schedule to take this class during the last trimester of the pregnancy. Statistics show that 12 weeks of preparation result in more unmedicated births.

Our comprehensive Childbirth Classes cover the following:

– Prenatal Exercises to prepare your body for the birth of your baby and ease any discomfort you may feel during pregnancy.

– Nutrition, breastfeeding, postpartum care and newborn care.

– How to find the right birth attendent and birth place for you.

– How to write your own birth plan.

– About the birth process.

– How to avoid unnecessary pain during labor.

– Relaxation and massage techniques to reduce pain.

– About medical intervention and the risks and benefits of each.

– What questions to ask when the birth attendant is suggesting to intervene.

– How to avoid unnecessary episiotomies and cesarean sections.

– How husbands/doulas can become effective labor coaches.

How do I find out who teaches in my area?

Go to: Enter your location and there you will find an Instructor who will be excited to tell you more about her class.

How successful is the Bradley Method®?

86% of Bradley moms have vaginal childbirth with no medication.

The main goal of The Bradley Method® is that mother, baby, and family are healthy.


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Review: Peace Like A River

Title: Peace Like a River

Author: Leif Enger

To the list of great American child narrators that includes Huck Finn and Scout Finch, let us now add Reuben “Rube” Land, the asthmatic 11-year-old boy at the center of Leif Enger’s remarkable first novel, Peace Like a River. Rube recalls the events of his childhood, in small-town Minnesota circa 1962, in a voice that perfectly captures the poetic, verbal stoicism of the northern Great Plains. “Here’s what I saw,” Rube warns his readers. “Here’s how it went. Make of it what you will.” And Rube sees plenty.

In the winter of his 11th year, two schoolyard bullies break into the Lands’ house, and Rube’s big brother Davy guns them down with a Winchester. Shortly after his arrest, Davy breaks out of jail and goes on the lam. Swede is Rube’s younger sister, a precocious writer who crafts rhymed epics of romantic Western outlawry. Shortly after Davy’s escape, Rube, Swede, and their father, a widowed school custodian, hit the road too, swerving this way and that across Minnesota and North Dakota, determined to find their lost outlaw Davy. In the end it’s not Rube who haunts the reader’s imagination, it’s his father, torn between love for his outlaw son and the duty to do the right, honest thing. Enger finds something quietly heroic in the bred-in-the-bone Minnesota decency of America’s heartland. Peace Like a River opens up a new chapter in Midwestern literature. –Claire Dederer (taken from

Positive Elements: This book is has an original plot and unique characters. What a change from the standard novels you find in bookstores today. The author uses rich and descriptive language that enable the reader to actually believe a sometimes unbelievable story. Though not classified as Christian fiction, themes of religion, faith and prayer play an integral part of the story. There are many allusions to the miracles of Jesus Christ. The book reads like the author’s memoir and its hard to believe otherwise.

Sexual Content: None

Violent Content: In the beginning of the book there is a brief scene of violence between the older brother and a pair of intruders in the house. It is not particularly graphic.

Profanity: None I recall

Drug Content: None

Conclusion: I loved this book. I applaud the author for being willing to include Biblical themes in a secular book. There are many references to Biblical stories and miracles. For instance at one time the family is feeding some guests in the home and there doesn’t seem to be enough food to feed everyone. Everytime the daughter, Swede returns to the stove the pot of soup seems to be full. Faith is a major underlying theme throughout the book. Jeremiah Land, the father, appears to be a strong Christian man who makes decisions based on his own faith in God. His children, although sometimes with blind faith, follow him on their journey. They are never sure of what lies ahead. The story is similar to the way we follow Christ. Never knowing whats ahead but trusting the He knows the best way for us. The only negative I could give this this book is that the author’s descripive language draws out the story a little longer than needed.

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Congratulations, Vivian!

Congrats to Vivian — winner of our Swanson Health Products gift certificate giveaway! Happy shopping, Vivian!

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Baby Bottles with BPA

There has been questions raised as to the safety of plastic bottles that contain BPA. On April 18, 2008, NBC Nightly News with Brian Williams discussed this important issue. You can read about it here. A segment on this show reported that Canada’s health agency has banned some baby bottles from being sold. I had heard about this issue several months ago and decided to purchase glass bottles and training cups for my little one. I purchased these bottles/cups from a company called Born Free. If you do not want to order over the web, they provide a list of retailers that carry their product. Their website contains alot of information on this topic, with links to other media reports. I have been very happy with their product.

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Medication use During Pregnancy & Breastfeeding

While avoiding medications when pregnant or breastfeeding is desirable, it is often not possible due to conditions such as asthma, epilepsy, or high blood pressure. Failure to treat such a condition may affect the health of both the mother and her infant.

Unfortunately for me, I have asthma, seasonal allergies, and severe food allergies. While I can “rough it” by eliminating my allergy medication in certain seasons (even though it is technically safe), I cannot chose to ignore anaphylactic shock after eating something cross-contaminated with peanuts. I have to take a Benadryl (or in worse cases, my Epi-Pen). Without it, I will eventually be hospitalized or dead. Now, I should say this. When pregnant especially, I am extremely careful about what I eat. Epinephrine crosses the placenta and may lead to a decrease in uterine blood flow, not to mention that congenital defects are associated with first trimester exposure. (source) Obviously, using my Epi-Pen is not desirable.

If you’re like me, you want to know what is absolutely fine, what is safe if you really need it, and what you have to stay away from no matter what. Well, here you go…The following are resources put forth by health professionals. Just be sure to access the correct list — what may be okay in nursing may not be true for pregnancy.

* The Safe Fetus website is database of worldwide medications (generic & trade) that provides information on the drugs’ indications, fetal risk, breastfeeding risk, and risk during pregnancy, according to the FDA.

* The American Academy of Pediatrics maintains a list of drugs that are transferred into breastmilk.
AAP list

* FAQs on medication use during pregnancy and breastfeeding from Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

* Dr. Sears’ answers on taking medication while breastfeeding
Dr. Sears

* Drug and breastmilk interaction chart from Babycenter
Babycenter chart

* La Leche Leagure article titled “Medications and Breastfeeding”
LLLI article 1

* La Leche League article titled “Maternal Medications and Breastfeeding”
LLLI article 2

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Government Seeks Helps With Vaccine Debate

A few days ago, Wired magazine published an article about how the government is beginning a new study on the safety of vaccines, with input from the public. You can read about it here. I was unable to find more details on the CDC website, so if anyone knows more, please let us know.

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Free Swanson Gift Certificate

We are giving away one $20 gift certificate to Swanson Health Products. To enter for your chance to win, please put your first name and email address in the form below (for notification purposes only). The winner will be chosen at random on April 25.

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