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Review: It’s All About Him

Title: It’s All About Him

Author: Denise Jackson

Summary: From Christian Book Distributors

Take an inspiring behind-the-scenes glimpse at one of country music’s most famous couples. Learn about Alan and Denise’s struggles and success, their love story and the near-failure of their marriage—and how rediscovering their faith dramatically shaped their lives. Includes an exclusive CD featuring their wedding song and Alan’s new composition about their shared journey. 256 pages, hardcover from Nelson.

Positive Elements: Mrs. Jackson takes readers inside an honest and poignant journey of the struggles she faces in a celebrity marriage. The Him in the title refers to God and not her famous husband. If you think that you will be getting an inside scoop on Alan Jackson’s personal life you will be dissapointed. Though raised in a Christian home, Denise’s child-like understanding of God failed to comfort her during several major life crisis, including the separation from her husband. When every attempt to console herself during crisis failed, Denise decided to renew her relationship with God. She surrounded herself with Christian women, participated in Bible studies and sought counsel from godly men and women. Matthew 7:7 says, ” Ask and it will be given to you, seek and you will find, knock and the door will be opened to you.” I find that in my own walk with God that when you desire Him and His will doors are opened. I was pleased to see that Mrs. Jackson focused on her self and her own spiritual growth instead of opting to fix her husband’s flaws. She makes comments that she is no scholar of the Bible yet Scripture is referenced throughout the book in an encouraging manner. To me this reinforces the idea that God and His word are open and available to all of us and are applicable to our everyday walk with its struggles and triumphs.

Sexual Content: None

Violent Content: None

Profanity: None

Drug Content: None

Conclusion: Finally a celebrity couple who really gets who God is and what he can do. It seems everywhere these days celebrities are endorsing this faith or that, dabbling in mysticism or some other New Age religion on the path to happiness. The Jacksons have discovered what so many in their industry have not found: that pure happiness and contentmen comes from our Lord. Denise makes it clear how easy it was for her to be enticed by wordly things when she lost sight of God. I admire her honesty in the book. Admitting personal failures is always taking a risk with your readers . I applaud this couple at their desire to restore their marriage and for doing the hard work to keep their family together. Mrs. Jackson does unecessarily include many references to her material possessions and extravagant wealth. I suppose she does this to provide the readers with a complete picture of the lack of fullfillment she felt despite “having it all.”


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A Sling and a Stone

Faith in God. Do you have it? To say you have faith in God when things are going well is easy to do. To have faith in God in the little things we ask is simple. To have faith in God when the world is not as it should be, is tough. To have faith in God when you’ve asked (or prayed to him about) the big questions is difficult. I feel that recently God has been bringing the idea of faith to the forefront in my mind. Do I really have the kind of faith that it takes to believe in Him to take care of ALL things? In the last few months, He has placed in my life several people who have had to show extreme faith in God in the big things in life (finances, jobs, family situations, housing). These belivers have shown the faith in God that it takes. Not faith that God will exactly do what they wanted, but faith that His will would be done. After each event has occured, I feel like God is saying to me “See, I told you I can do it. Just have faith in me” . I praise God for these people and the lessons they have taught me. God says to walk by faith and not by sight. Do you have the faith that it takes to stand against a giant with a sling and a stone?

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Summer Fun

The season of summer is upon us. Our kids are looking for fun things to do. I have come up with a list of fun things that you can do with your children at home. My background is in early childhood, so the activities tend to lean towards younger children. Happy Summer!

1. Go on a nature walk. This is a great time to talk about God’s creation. Collect things along you walk. When you get home, sort the items you collected. After you sort them, ask your child if they know another way they could sort them.

2. Write or type Bible verses on a sheet of paper. Cut the Bible verse apart. See if your child can put the Bible verse back together again.

3. Tell the story of Noah and the ark. Make a list of animals. Go outside and lay in the grass. Look up at the clouds and see if you can see any of the animals on your list.

4. FiIll a large tub or pool with water. Bring out household items such as pots, cups, bowls, etc. Have your child fill up the items and discover which item holds more water. This also works great with sand.

5. Go on a neighborhood scavenger hunt. Make a list of things to look for in your neighborhood ( the neighborhood entrance sign, Mr. X’s mailbox). Check off each item as you find it.

6. Make a simple lunch and go out and have a picnic. If it is raining, spread a blanket on the kitchen floor and have an indoor picnic. My daughter loves it when we have indoor picnics!

7. Get a list of people at your church that are in need of encouragement. Sit down with your child and have them draw a picture or write a letter to that person. Mail them. Children’s art work and writings are special!

8. Tell your child your favorite Bible story. Have them make clay characters and retell the story. The following is a clay recipe from Highlights High Five magazine for children:

Pour 2 cups of baking soda, 1 cup of corn starch and 1 1/4 cups of water into a pot. Cook the mixture over medium heat, stirring until it looks like mashed potatoes. Let the clay cool. Divide into 4 pieces. Add food coloring and knead until smooth. Have your child create their characters. Place them to dry in the sun.

9. Print out Bible coloring pages from the internet. Allow your child to choose what pictures they like. Use 2 pieces of construction paper to create a front and back cover. Gather the pages together and punch with a 3 ring hold punch. Tie together with yarn. Your child will have great fun coloring a book that they created.

Hope you enjoy these activities!

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