Popular Magazines for Moms

* Cookie: All the Best for Your Family — Last year I received a free one-year subscription to Cookie after purchasing a toy through Amazon. I found the magazine to be quite liberal with tons of ads and only a few ideas to offer. It regularly included fashion trends for moms and was geared towards the cosmopolitan mom.

* Parenting: The Home of Parenting and Babytalk — This Christmas I received Parenting for free through an Amazon purchase. It is similar in many ways to Cookie. Enough said.

* Mothering: Natural Family Living — I pick up free Mothering magazines when I go to my midwife’s office. I love the natural articles in it. From cloth diapering to home births, it always provides food for thought. Again though, it is certainly not a Christian publication so discernment needs to be exercised when considering the articles presented.

* Wondertime: The Joys of Parenting Young Children — Wondertime is the only subscription I pay for. It always has loads of great craft ideas, activity suggestions and seasonal foods to make with your kids. They also review and suggest toys and products. Articles are thoughtful and often funny but as always, Christians need to exercise discernment when considering the research that is presented in the articles since it is not a Christian magazine.



  1. I read all these too and i’m just wondering – is there a Christian parenting magazine out there???????

  2. Lisa said

    The only one I know of, Robin, is “MomSense,” which is put out by MOPS. http://www.christianitytoday.com/momsense/. I do not subscribe to it, so I can’t provide a review. I’d love to hear from someone who gets it, though.

  3. Anonymous said

    Mom Blogs – Blogs for Moms…

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