About the Site

Hello and welcome to our site – a site born out of a desire to encourage, educate, and share information with others of like mind – that of living wholeheartedly for Christ while promoting healthy living.
We believe that the Bible is the inerrant Word of God and that He exists in three persons – Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. We also believe that salvation is the gift of God given by His grace and available to all who have faith in Jesus Christ. We all have a strong desire to grow closer to Christ through His Word and one day hear Him call each of us His good and faithful servant.
By no means do any of us claim to know everything about any one of the topics on this site. We long to know as much as you do. We simply wish to share what we’ve learned and experienced and grab new things from our readers. It is our sincere desire to grow together. Welcome!


  1. Great job Lisa! Thanks for all the resoures. I can use them in my doula work.

  2. Graham said

    I’m most impressed as I have a blog feed from Google set to Organic and within seconds of you submitting this blog – up you came! I would love to know how you got this going so well. Are you a great bunch of techies as well as mums and Christians?
    By the way, we are Christians and we run an Organic Website which we launched last February after 6 years research. We want to increase our presence on the internet and are thinking of doing a blog. If we could get it a tenth as good as yours we would be well pleased.
    Consumer Pages http://www.organicassistant.com/
    Industry Pages http://www.organicassistant.com/organisations/index.php
    Please feel free to contact me on the [hidden] email address.

  3. Emily Fano said

    Dear NCP,
    I came across your blog and thought you might be interested in knowing about the Holistic Moms Network (HMN)- a national non-profit connecting parents who are passionate about natural health and green living. Founded in 2002 by a handful of moms, today HMN has 120+ chapters across North America. HMN encourages families to parent from the heart, trust their instincts and make informed healthcare decisions. Members come together at monthly meetings in non-judgmental environments to learn from each other, give support, and share information. Meetings often feature guest speakers who are professionals in their field and explore a variety of interesting topics, from healthy eating to homeopathy. HMN’s newly released cookbook, Growing Healthy Families: Cooking With Holistic Moms, contains 300 recipes from HMN members and guest chefs. A special section features recipes for homemade baby food and formula, non-toxic cleaners, and herbal remedies. To order the cookbook or for membership inquiries, please visit http://www.holisticmoms.org, or call (877) HOL-MOMS.

  4. I am impressed with your site. I’m excited about the specific niche you are addressing. I work a lot with people-helpers and their life balance and self care. Anything I can find of substance regarding areas of marriage, parenting, finances, etc. – I pass along on my blog (www.servingstrong.typepad.com). I can across your site today and will definitely make reference to it. Keep up the great work!

    Scott Couchenour, Certified Life Coach
    Promoting Ministry Balance

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