God has blessed my husband, Billy and I, with two wonderful, healthy children — a son who is 2.5 and a daughter who is now 10 months. Even though I would not trade it for the world, I find that finally living out my dream of staying at home to raise my children is much more difficult then I had ever imagined. It has totally humbled me and without God’s love and guidance I would never make it through a day. I pray that we will teach our children God’s word so that they can one day grow up to love the Lord.

When I was preparing for the birth of my first child I was so excited about bringing him into the world and I wanted it to be a good experience — one that would unite us as a couple and also give our child the best possible start in life. As a couple preparing for the birth of our first child we decided to take a class on The Bradley Method (also known as husband-coached natural childbirth). After our memorable experience with the birth of our first child we wanted to share with other couples how to get the education they needed to have a healthy pregnancy and birth. I feel that God created women’s bodies to carry and give birth to babies without unneccessary intervention. That’s why I am now a Bradley Method Instructor. I feel that The Bradley Method prepared us for the birth of both of our children and I think that this website is a good resource in the rearing of our children. In addition to my passion of natural childbirth I also enjoy to exercise, play volleyball, and spend time outside with the family.

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  1. Brenda (Mom) said

    I love what you are doing. I am proud of you and giving me two beautiful grandchildren.

    Love Mom

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