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How do you REUSE?

Okay, so the recycling part is easy. Reducing isn’t too hard either. It’s the reusing that has some “at a loss.” Here are just a few ways we reuse:


* Reuse spice containers. They make great treat holders for the diaper bag, car, or purse. The contents won’t get smooshed, either. In this photo, the crisps are stored in an old spice container. If they were still in the original bag, they’d be pulverized at the bottom of the diaper bag.

* Store used ziplocs under the sink. Then, reuse them when appropriate. They are perfect for the banana bread that is already wrapped in wax paper or when you need something to contain the stench of the chicken fat you just trimmed while it sits in the garbage can for a few days.

* Save cardboard cracker & cookie boxes. Cut open the box and use the blank, brown side for kids’ projects.

* Keep egg cartons. Cut off the top and use the bottom for different colored finger or tempera paints. Your little artist can simply throw away the carton when she’s done.

Please, tell us how you reduce or reuse!


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