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Turn the fan ON

imagesYoung infants who sleep in bedrooms with fans have a lower risk of sudden infant death syndrome than babies who sleep in less well-ventilated rooms, research shows. It’s possible that fans improve air circulation, preventing infants from rebreathing exhaled carbon dioxide, which can pool up in the gap between a baby’s face and the mattress. Researchers concluded that sleeping with a fan lowers SIDS risk by more than 70% so turn on those ceiling or countertop fans!


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Spring for SIDS

My dear friend Jen lost her 4 month old son Grady to SIDS in October. She has now created a fundraising team called “Grady’s Grace” to honor him and raise awareness for SIDS during the Spring-for-SIDS event. It is a national event sponsored by the American SIDS Institute to raise awareness about SIDS and to raise funds for SIDS research. The Institute is dedicated to the promotion of infant health through an aggressive, comprehensive nationwide program of:

  • Research about both the cause of sudden infant death and methods of prevention.
  • Clinical Services assisting pediatricians in the medical management of high risk infants.
  • Education about prevention methods aimed at the public and medical community.
  • Family Support providing crises phone counseling, grief literature and referrals.

Even though I would imagine that hardly any of you reading this know Jen or her family, most of you have heard of SIDS and have a healthy fear of it. If you would be interested in encouraging Jen, you can leave a comment on this post and she will see it. If you would like to donate just $5 to her team, please leave your email address and she will contact you. Most importantly, please pray for Jen, her husband John, and their two little boys as they continue to grieve over the loss of their precious Grady. Thank you.


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